About Us

Who We Are?

Launched in 2003, Material and Contract Services Inc. is a trusted, leading and small business corporation founded by Dan P. Plute. The goal of our organization is to increase our client’s efficiency, productivity and output.

We do this by working closely with our clients, understanding their needs, and then providing them the resources they need to succeed in a fast paced and challenging business environment. If quality professionals and best practices solutions are what you’re looking for, you will find them here.

Formerly known as Procurement Services Associates (PSA), we take pride in being the pioneers in providing quality staffing and timely project support services to domestic and global private industry companies and government agencies.

We have successfully completed many staffing, supply chain and construction management projects, setting new parameters for excellence in the industry. Our history of success can be attributed to our core values. All services our delivered in compliance with our core values which include:

  • Serve every client with integrity
  • Qualify and deliver top candidates
  • Be responsive to the client and candidate
  • Understand the client’s environment and job need
  • Strive for excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Work with a client-focused and professional approach

Our core values are part of our DNA, and at the heart of everything we do. They serve as the guiding principles for the way we work with our clients. Our transformational approach to supply chain hiring helps clients strengthen their supplier base, while reducing their cost base to make the profits stick.

What We Do?

Material and Contract Services Inc. (MACS) is a full-service company driven by strong customer-commitment, performance and a history of accomplishments. Repeat customer awards are a testimony to our business success. We offer the highest quality and full-spectrum of specialized services under one roof - from staff augmentation, agreement and purchase negotiations, and material purchases to spend analysis and strategic sourcing.

At MACS, no project is too big or too small for us. In other words, regardless of the size, scope, complexity or location, at MACS, we work on every project with the same zeal and fervor, ensuring complete client satisfaction. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of clients including both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries including private and public companies and, State, Federal and local Government agencies.

How We Do it?

The rare and perfect combination of our rich experience, in-depth market knowledge, access to resume and client databases,and widespread network of local & global partnerships enables us to deliver top-notch services in a timely manner according every client’s project specific needs.

We believe the success of our projects result from our;

  • Ability to accelerate an organization’s efficiency
  • On-demand, high-end supply chain, procurement and contracts talent
  • Access to commodity and supply base market intelligence
  • Deliver value where needed

And this is exactly what MACS project lifecycle depicts. Our team first understands the client’s needs. Based on that, we work cohesively with the client, providing them with best and effective resource allocations well as project management solutions. Whether the client requires interim or long-term project staffing solutions, we make sure that the client requirements are met successfully and in a timely manner.

With our expertise in large-scale private and public sector procurement and staff augmentation services, we make the complex task of effective procurement clearer, creating an opportunity for companies to secure cost savings. Our approach offers long term value, which is what businesses need in an era of fast product cycles, increased risk, and global competition.


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