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Direct Hire

Direct Hire Staffing Services

Grow Your Skill base with Permanent Staff

Direct Hire staffing agency is one of the most preferred staffing options for businesses moving swiftly towards growth. At MACS, we have been a highly trusted direct hire staffing agency for a multitude of clients looking for the best suited professionals in the area of supply chain, procurement, contracts management, materials management, and support. Our success factors include placing supply chain professionals in entry, mid and senior management and C level placements. We understand the government and private sectors and the culture and work practices that will help the candidate succeed.
Our clients trust our services due to our exceptional track record built over two decades. We have access to the most extensive database of professionals and we use the most state of the art technology and practices to connect each client with the best talent for their company.

Staffing Solutions

At MACS, we offer direct hiring staffing services in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement and Purchasing
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Category Professionals
  • Contracts Management and Administration
  • Traffic and Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Engineering
  • Procurement/Supply Chain System Implementation Specialists
  • Capital Item Procurement
  • Clerical
  • HR

Benefits of Direct Hiring Services

Direct hiring saves you the time it usually takes to assess and hire a contract base employee. By hiring a professional directly as a full-time employee, you can move forward by assigning them important roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of Direct Hiring with MACS

Directly hiring a new employee is a difficult and challenging decision process. At MACS, we strive to take the risks and challenging elements out of the procedure and decision. That is why we offer the most comprehensive service and process that seamlessly covers every aspect necessary to make sure your decision is worth the wait. We become knowledgeable of your work environment, work culture, management’s job expectations and find a career partner who has the job knowledge, skills, work ethics and who blends into the work environment and community culture at your career place. We spend quality time with the candidate, understanding his demeanor, skills, accomplishments, and why his success stories will blend into your culture. As managers and practitioners in the areas we serve, we understand the hiring and HR manager’s requirement to find the best available candidate who will succeed in your work environment.

As your recruitment partner, we take care of:

  • Background and reference checks
  • Candidate behavioral interviews
  • Candidate pre-screening
  • Comprehensive sourcing network
  • Customized hiring profile
  • In-person client interview
  • Assist with on boarding paperwork
  • Coordinate the hire process


Maintenance System Capabilities

Material and Contract Services, LLC has the knowledge, resources and experience to reduce maintenance cost, improve employee productivity and equipment operating time. Our capabilities include installing computer maintenance systems, loading the system database and establishing manual processes and procedures to improve the planning, scheduling and execution of maintenance work.
Every owner wants to increase production whilst reducing expenditure and the frequency of equipment downtime due to maintenance problems. Maintenance is not only avoiding emergency critical path situations. It is about identifying problems before they become cause for concern and getting the large, difficult tasks finished, so that shutdowns can be minimized. Often these problems are cleaning and inspection related. MACS’ consultants work with a client’s maintenance personnel and create bills of materials for planned maintenance work. The work includes creating spare parts, equipment and personnel requirements for each planned activity. Emergency/breakdown processes are included. We created a strong relationship with warehousing and procurement to reduce periods of inactivity, for example whilst waiting for spare parts, supplies or the tools and equipment needed to complete the maintenance task.
Maintenance is a broad concept which normally consists of two types of maintenance: proactive and reactive.
Proactive maintenance is a maintenance strategy for stabilizing the reliability of a plant’s equipment. MACS’ programs involve directing corrective actions aimed at root causes of failure, not active failure symptoms, faults, or machine wear.
Reactive maintenance is a form of maintenance in which equipment and facilities are repaired only in response to a breakdown or a fault. Because of the potential for loss of production, reactive maintenance is at odds with just‐in‐time production. People call it ‘firefighting maintenance’ and it occurs only when there is breakdown.
Maintenance program elements utilize risks, rather than time, as the basis for prioritizing and scheduling stationary equipment maintenance and inspections. When scheduling plant or equipment maintenance work, we plan work schedules so that the maintenance and inspection scopes are completed at the most optimal intervals and using the most appropriate methods.
A results oriented maintenance management system is much easier to implement early in the process. A common mistake is assuming that a good computer system will take care of the problem. It is essential that a manual system be coordinated with the computer system to ensure that the whole process does not become paper-bound, producing paper and data that are not used to produce practical results.
If your challenge is mandatory maintenance, scheduled maintenance, or unanticipated repairs, maintenance planning should ensure that all maintenance is performed in the most efficient way by integrating the maintenance tasks into the overall plan. You can perform maintenance ahead of schedule to leverage a piece of equipment’s idle time, i.e. planning maintenance work, with the equipment scheduled to be off-line.


MACS’ Maintenance Programs include:

  • Review and assessment of maintenance programs
  • Review of equipment availability and reliability
  • Personnel training
  • Work request/order programs
  • Review of equipment maintenance history and safety
  • Review of maintenance backlog
  • Tool tracking
  • Asset depreciation analysis

Warranty tracking

MACS provides project support to Maintenance Departments. We have professionals that will perform work as maintenance planners, shop supervisors, maintenance managers, equipment, electrical and mechanical technicians and spare part planners.



Program and Construction Management

MACS offers project and construction services to domestic and international clients. One of our strengths is obtaining competitive proposals from qualified and financially capable manufacturers and construction companies. Our preferred and recommended approach is to work with your in-house team, training them in the project management techniques used in program and construction management. Next we provide highly specialized experts to back up your team. We assist them in handling the more difficult and complex issues that may arise during the design and construction phase.

Our services include: development of a construction management plan, construction contract packaging strategies, training, development and implementation of project cost and schedule controls, construction contract risk assessment, facilitated scope flexibility and constructability reviews, disputes management assistance, construction disbursement control, and construction contractor certification and pre-qualification

We assist the client’s team with specialized staff needs like scheduling expertise, development of a Construction Management Plan, construction contract packaging strategies, training, development and implementation of project cost and schedule controls, construction contract risk assessment, scope flexibility and constructability reviews, disputes management, funds control, consolidated material and equipment procurement and construction contractor certification and pre-qualification.

These services have proved to be a way of simplifying the construction acquisition process, meeting schedule requirements with fewer disputes and scope changes, as well as increasing small business and minority/female owned business participation. Some of these services are exclusive to us and are not available from anywhere on the market.

We believe, by more fairly distributing the rights, obligations and liabilities of the contract to the various parties, the project owner can more effectively execute their capital procurement contracts. This claim will need many pages of explanation and proof, but utilizing a pilot project will decrease scope changes by as much as 50%, almost eliminating indirect cost disputes and claims, and providing the project owner with much greater control over the final outcome of their projects. Side benefits include greater small business participation and a decrease in project costs as a direct result of the increased small business participation.

Our construction and project management services include managing an awarded project from project start to completion. This process includes preparing a project work plan, schedule and budget, creating a management team to oversee the project and developing reports. The reporting structure includes identifying project milestones and reporting progress against the milestones. The construction management program includes managing change orders and contract close out sign-off.




MACS is the leading procurement service company that performs procurement programs for its clients worldwide. We leverage the purchasing power of our customers to negotiate the finest deals with the key suppliers. We connect our customers to the services and goods they need, at the most competitive prices - with value-added services enveloped into everything we do.

At MACS we leverage our experience and knowledge to help businesses optimize operations and enhance profitability. We provide on-site or off-site procurement service for domestic clients and off-shore virtual procurement programs for global companies.


  • Group procurement programs to provide lower price structures and improved procurement services.
  • Volume agreements – for high dollar expenditure supplies and equipment
  • Spend Analysis to identify potential candidates
  • B2B and P2P systems
  • E-procurement platforms to streamline the procurement process
  • Managing the Acquisition and Procurement Process
  • Supplier capabilities assessments
  • Managing the suppliers score card process
  • Spend Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Purchasing Process Assessment
  • Consortium and Customer Specific Sourcing
  • Indirect Procurement Strategy Development

MACS procurement programs provide opportunities to improve pricing, service and terms by aggregating spend with that of our other clients. There is strength in numbers and we prove it every day to the benefit of our clients. Our sourcing experts regularly track and gather the commodity specific needs of our entire customer base and go to the supplier market in search of the best price and service combinations available. We use a "cyclical bid" process that invites customer participation and schedules commodity categories ensuring a frequent review. Further, our sourcing tools enable us to communicate with a vast number of suppliers electronically allowing optimum analysis and maximum sourcing flexibility. As a result, our clients benefit from contract pricing that few organizations can achieve on their own.

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