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Supply Chain, Acquisition Management and Contracting are key focus areas for companies looking to improve financial results through cost reductions, supply chain pipeline improvements, and programs to improve the requisition to receipt process for stakeholder department.  Managing all aspects of the supply chain, we help businesses from the inside. Partnering with the client teams, we solve problems, apply initiatives and help drive change through all levels of the businesses worldwide.

Manufacturing and services companies face a common challenge: how to design, manage, and improve operations and extended supply chains that are important in their goal of producing innovative products and services and delivering them effectively to customers. Companies must do this against a backdrop of an ever-changing technological, economic and regulatory landscape.

In today’s markets, companies are increasingly challenging their supply chains on multiple dimensions, including flexibility, cost reduction, predictable risk management and customer service levels. With an ever-increasing pressure to perform and deliver in a very competitive market, they are looking beyond the stop-gap solutions. Guided by an entrepreneurial culture that rewards innovation and teamwork, MACS help businesses achieve their ambitious goals.

MACS is a global community committed to working with the business leaders - as part of their teams - to transfer knowledge, solve problems and drive change from the inside out. Our procurement and supply chain consulting engagements are managed, planned and implemented by skilled professionals. Tapping into the proficiency of our global professional community, we implement internal initiatives and innovate in unique ways to determine the efficiency of a client’s procurement programs. Our performance metrics include supply chain and process review; spend analysis, skill assessments, best in class programs and more.


  • Best Procurement Placements
  • Indices/Metrics to gauge performance
  • Cost Reduction Programs
  • Spend Management Programs
  • Vendor Managed Services
  • RFP, pre-bid, post award and best and final offer management
  • E-Procurement Platforms
  • Strategic Sourcing Specialists
  • Global Sourcing
  • Outsource Services
  • Manage Procurement Programs
  • Risk Management
  • Capabilities Evaluations
  • Vendor Score cards


MACS is a recognized leader in the procurement consulting services. We enable clients to create the means and methods to gain constantly improving, sustainable results, in collaboration with the internal stakeholders and suppliers. Our consultants are industry experts, highly focused on the specific needs and realities of the different competitive markets.

MACS have a top level talent base of successful manager and consultants that understand the procurement and best practices program that will strengthen the supply pipeline. We have proven experience in the large-scale private and public sector procurement, helping our clients get the best deal from bought-in services and goods. Without exception, you can expect MACS to bring together some of the most knowledgeable professionals in procurement – many of them renowned leaders in their respective fields – to design effective procurement solutions and strategies configured to your exact needs, your company, your team and its culture.




Hiring excellent talent is important for the success of any business. Whether it's the manager who can quickly implement the business plans, the executive who provides visionary leadership, or the professional that won't settle for less than 100%, a business needs great people to succeed. However the recruiting process is complex and time-consuming.

MACS provide entry-level to the top-level professionals to fill your short or long-term talent requirements through our effective staffing services. Our recruiters’ knowledge and understanding of procurement, contracts, supply chain management, warehouse management, strategic sourcing and project management plays a pivotal role in identifying the right talent for your project support requirements. We know who to hire and when to hire to get the job done with perfection. MACS process of sourcing, screening, and presenting top talent is the best in the profession.


  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Contract Administration
  • Supply Chain and Procurement Management
  • Commodities sourcing
  • Project Management, Planning and Scheduling
  • Construction Management / Supervision
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Facilities Management
  • Cost Estimating
  • QA & Safety Inspections


To stay ahead or lead in your business is important for the long-term productivity. MACS’s recruiters and management team have 25 years experience in the procurement, supply chain, contracts, strategic sourcing and construction profession. Our in-depth knowledge enables us to facilitate you with the most competent and passionate candidates. Our professionals use innovative techniques to optimize every aspect of the recruiting process and get advanced support in landing a great hire that can help you succeed. We provide staff augmentation,recruiting services, and executive search in the following areas:

  1. Temporary and project support – short and long-term projects
  2. Direct Hire
  3. Temporary to Direct Hire – six-month conversion
  4. Executive Recruiting
  5. Interim Management.

Benefit from the expertise of committed MACS talent acquisition professionals who know your culture, the availability of qualified candidates and the basic skills and knowledge that successful supply chain, procurement and contracts professionals possess. Our aim is to help you in staying ahead of the curve in the modern highly competitive market.




Material and Contract Services, Inc. can assist clients with Logistics requirements:

  • by  providing project support professionals  to support the Traffic and Logistics functions,
  • by performing the process and support programs to provide Traffic and Logistics services
  • by providing consulting services to evaluate the effectiveness of the Traffic and Logistics organization.

Logistics experts need to focus on transportation, specifically the efficient planning and procurement of transportation for products and materials. Freight trains, trucks, ships, and planes move goods every day. Knowledge of the rules, regulations, benefits, and costs associated with these modes of transport is necessary for professionals in this field. To succeed, you may also need strong skills in strategic planning, customer service, leadership, and math.  Having the right mix of professionals with skills and knowledge in the warehouse storage, warehouse management and the movement of incoming and outbound materials, equipment and supplies are keys to a successful Traffic and Logistics department.

Warehousing and storage is a large element of the Traffic and Logistics Organization  for example, a number of warehousing decisions directly impact logistics and transportation. For example, how many warehouses are needed, where should they be located, how large should they be;  how much inventory should be held in each?  Material handling is the placement of goods and the movement of goods within a warehouse, factory or other facility. This includes incoming movement of goods and the movement of goods from storage to order-picking areas to dock areas for shipment.


  • Warehousing and storage.
  • Transportation.
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance/materials management
  • Inventory and scrap disposal
  • Materials handling
  • Return goods handling
  • Transportation – rail, air, truck, ocean



Many businesses have downsized and rightsized, but have yet to leverage a major source of savings within general procurement functions. This is especially true with cyclical businesses, such as manufacturing and in-seasonal industries like construction and hospitality where periodic acquisitions and new contracts can be best handled through Contract Project Procurement.


  • Reducing materials, supplies and services costs while improving cash flow
  • Flexibility in procurement and supply chain operations
  • Procurement and supply chain procedures for your unique operating environment
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency with commodity-specific procurement specialists
  • Systems and programs to manage and control activities and reduce cost
  • Cost-effective project support for small businesses and emerging departments

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