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Direct Hire

Direct Hire Staffing Services

Grow Your Skill base with Permanent Staff

Direct Hire staffing agency is one of the most preferred staffing options for businesses moving swiftly towards growth. At MACS, we have been a highly trusted direct hire staffing agency for a multitude of clients looking for the best suited professionals in the area of supply chain, procurement, contracts management, materials management, and support. Our success factors include placing supply chain professionals in entry, mid and senior management and C level placements. We understand the government and private sectors and the culture and work practices that will help the candidate succeed.
Our clients trust our services due to our exceptional track record built over two decades. We have access to the most extensive database of professionals and we use the most state of the art technology and practices to connect each client with the best talent for their company.

Staffing Solutions

At MACS, we offer direct hiring staffing services in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement and Purchasing
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Category Professionals
  • Contracts Management and Administration
  • Traffic and Logistics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Engineering
  • Procurement/Supply Chain System Implementation Specialists
  • Capital Item Procurement
  • Clerical
  • HR

Benefits of Direct Hiring Services

Direct hiring saves you the time it usually takes to assess and hire a contract base employee. By hiring a professional directly as a full-time employee, you can move forward by assigning them important roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of Direct Hiring with MACS

Directly hiring a new employee is a difficult and challenging decision process. At MACS, we strive to take the risks and challenging elements out of the procedure and decision. That is why we offer the most comprehensive service and process that seamlessly covers every aspect necessary to make sure your decision is worth the wait. We become knowledgeable of your work environment, work culture, management’s job expectations and find a career partner who has the job knowledge, skills, work ethics and who blends into the work environment and community culture at your career place. We spend quality time with the candidate, understanding his demeanor, skills, accomplishments, and why his success stories will blend into your culture. As managers and practitioners in the areas we serve, we understand the hiring and HR manager’s requirement to find the best available candidate who will succeed in your work environment.

As your recruitment partner, we take care of:

  • Background and reference checks
  • Candidate behavioral interviews
  • Candidate pre-screening
  • Comprehensive sourcing network
  • Customized hiring profile
  • In-person client interview
  • Assist with on boarding paperwork
  • Coordinate the hire process

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