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At MACS, we are committed to making recruitment and staffing a convenient and value-yielding process for our clients. We always strive to align you with solutions and options that are more suited to what you need. That is why we offer a diverse array of services and options.

Retained search is the most viable option for companies who are seeking the best of executive / retained services.  We conduct a paid search for our clients following a highly exhaustive process that guarantees the best match in the least possible time.

MACS recruitment team works diligently to meet your hiring timeline. We divide your search into a clear and achievable comprehensive project plan that identifies your executive search goals, candidate best fit requirements, company culture, benefits and best in class competitors.

As you know, each successful executive search requires a different strategic approach, and varying amounts of networking, and targeted recruiting. We always tailor our executive search approach to best suit your company culture and specific hiring requirements.  Company links, networking, professional association links and working the street to find the best available candidates are MACS’ trademarks to success.

Successful searches require resources, patience, strategic planning, experience, and leadership. This is where we excel. Our Executive Recruiters are experts in their respective fields, and we pride ourselves on being well educated in recent trends, hiring practices, and networking approaches.

We perform retained search the way it should be done. The reason why retained search should be a more frequently utilized tool when filling challenging roles is because it offers better focus and better results.

Advantages of our Retained Search Services

Our clients choose our retained search recruitment service due to all the additional benefits and value it packs for them. Retained search enables us to invest more into an exhaustive process and an in-depth search to deliver not just resumes, but solutions with long term value for you.

Some of the benefits of MACS retained search include:

  • We shortlist the top talent for high-level positions
  • We look beyond the database of candidates actively seeking job
  • We utilize state of the art technology and tools for effective short-listing
  • We conduct screening, tests, and interviews

As the top executive search firm, we help our clients identify the assets they have, the challenges they should be preparing for, and the qualities they will need in their candidates. We have the resources and experience you need to help you identify and evaluate candidates who are leaders in their profession. With years of experience under our belt, we provide deep expertise in industries and the functional roles in which our clients operate. We have the experts, because as partners, we understand what is at stake here.

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