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One Stop Service Provider for all Your Project Staffing, Procurement and Supply Chain Management Needs

Whether you’re struggling with interim staffing for your next big project or looking for specialized Executive procurement and supply chain services and commodity management support to successfully continue your business operations, we can assist you with it all! We support domestic and international projects – private industry and government agencies.

Material and Contract Services Inc. is your trusted and one stop service partner for all your project staffing, Contingent Staffing – procurement and supply chain management needs. From helping you find and hire the best professionals to assisting you with negotiating procurement contracts, bidding, off-shore purchasing, managing procurement and preparing supply chain RFP's document.  MACS, will help you streamline your project and complete it successfully on time and budget, with the cost savings you expect and profits you deserve.

Our ability to help clients’ complete time-sensitive projects successfully with cost savings, is unmatched and well-known. We find the best available talent to assist a client with staffing problems. We negotiate and award contracts for a client – specialize in indirect and construction management projects. We also help our clients identify areas to improve in their procurement programs.  We leverage our knowledge of ‘best practice supply chain programs’, procurement technology and global commodity knowledge to improve the client’s procurement and acquisition management programs.

Leveraging on our experience and industry knowledge to the client’s advantage, we help you manage and execute your project efficiently, ensuring the best outcomes at a manageable cost.  Our supply chain staffing solutions include:

  • Temporary / Project Staffing
  • Temporary to Direct Hire Option
  • Direct Hire Staffing
  • Executive Recruiting
  • Interim Management

Serving the industry for more than 25 years, we take pride in being recognized as the leading local and international provider of skilled and qualified professionals. Whether you’re looking for entry level professionals or experienced resources to handle your senior manger level positions, we can provide you with skilled professionals according to your needs, on both long-term and short-term bases.  Need an interim manager level professional while you search for a new professional?  Our CPO, Director, and Management professionals can manage the department while you search.

Simply put, we can supply you a full-line of supply chain, procurement and contract administration professionals to help you meet all your staffing augmentation needs efficiently.

When it comes to finding the best talent for you, we provide the ‘best in class’ service.  Our dedicated and experienced team helps you at every step of the staffing process which includes sourcing, professional pre-screening, interviewing, short-listing and selection. We make sure that the professionals, we provide you meet your job descriptions and serve as value-adding resources from the day they start working for you.

Our attributes like strong work ethics, customer-focused approach, transparency and integrity have earned us the reputation of leading personnel resource provider not only in the US but worldwide. Our success can be gauged by our rapidly growing client base which includes both returning customers and referrals.

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