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For a Little Help that Goes a Long Way

At MACS, we understand that the recruitment needs of businesses may vary from time to time. There are businesses that may temporarily require additional staff to deal with vacations, new projects, employee turnover and increases in business activity. Our professional approach offers not only speed and efficiency, but also helps drive down the search time without compromising our high quality standards.

As the leading procurement and supply chain recruitment and staffing service provider, we have access to the largest talent pool in procurement, support, and supply chain. With over 15, 000 candidates in our cloud based resume data base, we will have the best available fit for your job quickly.  For over two decades, we have helped a multitude of clients support their business growth through temporary staffing agencies.    With small to large private industry and government entity experience, we understand the business and government cultures, work practices and social links that help a temporary employee success in your business or government agency.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Our temporary staffing services cover almost all the areas and functions of support. We can help you hire additional help that includes:

  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Materials Management
  • Traffic and Logistics
  • Administrative Support
  • Project Managers
  • Cost Estimators
  • Schedulers
  • Maintenance Professionals
  • Purchasing Temporary Staffing
  • Clerical staff
  • HR support

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Over the past few years, the ratio of businesses opting for Professional Temporary Support Staffing solutions has greatly increased. It is an option that helps business stay competitive and overcome challenges of the fast-paced business landscape. Some of the most obvious benefits of temporary staffing include:

  • Flexibility – Flexible hiring based on your needs
  • Saving Time and Money – Hire withoutexcessive paperwork
  • Specialist Skills – Utilize high-level resources that you cannot afford as permanent employee

Additional Services

We are committed to make your staffing decisions and process as convenient as possible. We add more value to our service by taking care of all the aspects of staffing including:

  • Training and orientation
  • Background checks
  • On-boarding
  • End of Assignment
  • Direct Link option to Hiring Managers
  • Understanding the Clients Work Environment
  • Understanding the skills, job knowledge and personality traits that help a candidate succeed

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