Committed to promoting the best practice, MACS offers a wide range of services for the benefit of the wider business community and its members. We provide web based, classroom and hands on training programs for domestic and international clients. We provide tailored and bespoke training in:

Education Training and Development

  • Skill assessment
  • Expanding your supply management knowledge
  • Negotiation
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Preparing the RFP
  • Preparing the Scope of Work
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Training
  • Managing the pre-bid and post-award meetings
  • Contract management administration
  • Commodity management
  • Direct and indirect spend programs
  • Traffic & logistics

Proposal Preparation and Management

  • Evaluate RFP documents
  • Prepare Proposal Reply, Work Plan and Budget
  • Prepare and manage Proposal Reply submittal

Integrated Supply Chain Fundamentals

  • Basics of purchasing, operations, and logistics
  • Profit contributions of supply chain – beyond cost savings
  • Developing a supply chain strategy to fit your organizational goals
  • Maximizing your resources through waste elimination
  • Importance of relationships
  • Managing suppliers, customers, and employees with performance metrics

Business Process Design and Business Process Improvement

  • Understanding the importance of business processes in growing companies
  • Why bad processes develop
  • Building a good process
  • Understanding your customers, partners and employees
  • solating process goals
  • Measuring process effectiveness and efficiency

Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Competitive Organizations

  • Starting a sustainability program
  • Driving sustainability through intelligent metrics
  • Using sustainability as a competitive weapon; cost control, marketing, motivation
  • Global vs. local management of sustainability initiative

Explore a wealth of opportunities with MACS Sourcing and Procurement Professionals and supply chain solutions. A brighter future awaits you!